Home Computer Tips

With the advancement in modern technology, home computers can be used and useful in small spaces.  Wires are just one of the challenges with keeping a home computer system neatly organized.  Closet World provides custom-made storage solutions and offers tips for organizing your computer and accessories.

The amount of space you need for your computer partly depends upon whether you’re using a laptop or desktop unit with a separate monitor.  A portable laptop computer requires minimal space and can require nothing more than a pivotal tray similar to a TV tray and a power strip.

Horizontal desktop computers can be placed under the monitor.  Bulky vertical towers can be placed on the desk or on a stand or trolley.  A rolling trolley is especially handy, giving you better access to all of the computer ports.  Placing the computer tower on the floor is ill-advised because more dust will end up inside the computer components and can shorten the life of your computer.

If you use a monitor but it’s not a flat screen, make plans to invest in one and open up your desk space.

The various cords that go along with using a computer – for the printer, monitor, and other accessories such as scanners – easily look like a disorganized mess.  There are ways to clean up the appearance of the cords.  One clever solution is to pull the cords through a dress sock with the toe cut out of it.  You could also purchase flexible tubes or zip ties designed to manage cords.

Getting a wireless mouse and keyboard is another way to keep your computer desk looking clean and orderly.  You can also use wireless technology to access the Internet and print.

Your computer desk can be maintained to look good in any room.  See Closet World pricing.